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Game News
Welcome to the Dragon Fellowship's official website.  If you are a member of the clan, you can join the clan website to unlock the following exclusive contents; customizeable profile, forums, library, blog, chat and a lot more!

"What is the Dragon Fellowship?"
The Dragon Fellowship - also known as the Fellowship of the Dragon - is a clan available in a game named Runescape. It was founded in Gielinor (04.09.11). The founders are Bazelli, Wildipwn3r, W1LD3josh, Chef Ramsey7 and Firegun195. The owner is currently Bazelli and the administrators are Wildipwn3r and W1LD3josh, lately followed by Satan 8315 and Vegard 8315.

"Why would I want to join?"
The Dragon Fellowship is a clan with a difference, one that believes that having fun and taking on the challenges in the game is priority number one.

"How can I join?"
If you want to join the Dragon Fellowship, you have to get invited by either the owner (Bazelli) or an administrator (Wildipwn3r, W1LD3josh, Satan 8315, Vegard 8315), or you can register at the Dragon Fellowship's official website ( and wait for approval. It is for them to decide whether to let you join or not. It is likely that they will let you join if you prove yourself as a friendly, helpful/supportive and respective player and understand english at an average level.

"Is the Dragon Fellowship interested in forming an alliance?"
The Dragon Fellowship is willing to form an alliance with any clan as long as the other clan is friendly, helpful/supportive and respective.

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Guild News

Achievements removed

Bazelli, May 9, 12 9:08 AM.
The achievements has been removed from our website after our members choice.

Writing Contest!

Bazelli, Sep 13, 11 6:10 AM.
Grab your mighty pen and write a story about our clan, the Dragon Fellowship!

To participate at this event, just do the following steps:

1. Write a story about our clan, feel free to include the members of it and/or use your imagination.

2. Send your story as a mail to Bazelli at our website.

3. The winner who gets nominated will earn a cash prize and recieve a unique medal on our website.

4. Further await for the winner to get nominated.

All the participators will recieve a medal (only available for those who participate at this contest) and have their stories added as new additions to the library on our website!

The winner of this contest will recieve a medal (only available for those who win this conest) and a cash prize!

If you have any questions, please contact Bazelli either through our website or in-game.

Good luck to you all!

Bank - Donations

Bazelli, Sep 12, 11 8:47 AM.
The bank is available with a small selection of items that if you find useful, can request and maybe get. But we would also like to improve the bank's selection, simply by collecting donations. So, if you would like to donate some items to our bank, it would mean a lot for our clan. To do so, contact Bazelli either by mail at our website, or in-game. Thank you for your attention regarding the well being of our clan.

Regards, Bazelli.

a Dragon Fellowship production

Bazelli, Sep 10, 11 3:44 AM.
Our recruitment video has been made and is now available on both, our website and youtube.  We hope you will enjoy it.

Thanks to Bazelli, Vegard 8315, Li Nioi and Elizabeth 67 for making it.

New Content - Achievements and Medals!

Bazelli, Sep 5, 11 1:28 PM.
New content is available; Achievements and Medals!

You will recieve a mail for each achievement you accomplish.
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If you want to join the Dragon Fellowship, join our website and fill out an application, or contact either the owner or an administrator in-game.
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